Trump Vs Putin Who Is Powerful [Russia Vs America]

Trump Vs Putin

If there will be a war between Russia Vs America so it will be a beginning of third world war so in this video you will see ” Trump Vs Putin who is more powerful.

 it depends a lot on who attacks whom and how… But let’s first compare their strengths at the Global Firepower website.

Population: the USA has twice as many people as Russia so advantage USA. (1–0)

Active military personnel: the USA has more active soldiers. Advantage USA. (2–0)

Active military reserves: Russia has as many reserves as the USA has in active and reserve troops. Advantage Russia. (2–1)

Air superiority: The USA has almost 4 times the number of Russian aircrafts. Advantage USA. (3–1)

Land superiority: Russia has 4 times the number of tanks and three times the number of artillery. Advantage Russia. (3–2)

Fleet strength: The USA has slightly more submarines, frigates and a whole lot more destroyers. But the USA has no corvettes and Russia has more corvettes than the USA has destroyers. Russia also has more mine warfare crafts and patrol boats. The USA has a whole lot more carriers but carriers provide aerial strength, not naval strength so I skip those. So they’re more or less tied. (4–3)

Oil production: The US produces about 4/5th of what Russia is producing so Russia will have slightly more fuel available. Russia’s oil reserves are also twice as large. Advantage Russia. (4–4)

So, in military strength they’re almost at equal strength. GFP still puts the USA at number one but it’s a very close call. More likely, any war between both will end up in a stalemate. But it is the environment that might give one side a bigger advantage than the other.

Both countries can attack one another by crossing the North Pole but as Canada is in the way, the Russians would only be able to take Alaska before they have to use naval or air forces. The USA has similar problems if they want to strengthen their position in Alaska but their ships and planes would not be in hostile territories. The US could use Alaska to move troops over the north pole into Russia also but it’s not an easy trip for a large army and definitely bad terrain to fly over.

So, they have to decide if they will cross the Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic ocean to attack one another. But using the Atlantic ocean means that ships have to pass close to various European nations, who might decide to block just any hostile ship. As those troops have to go between Denmark and Norway/Sweden, it would be a bit challenging to not piss off these neutral countries. It is also a powerful bottleneck as both the USA and Russia just have a small piece of sea to protect against hostile ships.

And you can wonder if Europe would allow combat airplanes to cross their airspace.

So an attack over the Pacific would be more likely, but the distance is a bit far for planes to cross. The USA has quite a few carriers but as I noted, Russia has a lot of corvettes. And corvettes are generally used against air attacks and missiles. But the difference between modern corvettes and destroyers isn’t as huge as it used to be. Still, those carriers would provide the US a powerful air force to use to attack Russia.

Then again, all Russia has to do is sink all those carriers and the air superiority of the US troops is gone and their naval strengths would be very similar. And by shooting plenty of missiles at those carrier fleets, chances are that Russia will sink a few of those carriers and thus costing the US a lot in planes and soldiers.

Furthermore, carriers are limited in the number of planes they can carry. With 20 carriers and about 60 planes stationed per carrier, the US would have up to 1,200 planes available near Russia. Still, that would be half the number of fighter aircrafts of the US and still more fighter aircrafts than Russia has. Question is if they can get past the Russian air defences. The US would still need to land their forces somewhere in Russia.

Russia attacking the US would be more challenging due to the lack of carriers. The Russian fleet would have troubles defending itself, even though their AA weaponry is effective. But they too would need to land somewhere in the USA and Alaska is the closest target for this purpose. But even if they take Alaska they would still have troubles taking the rest.

Now, assume the US manages to land their troops on Russian soil. They will have a huge problem as Russia has over 20,000 tanks and over 4,500 artillery. Any troops that have landed will be utterly destroyed by those forces. And no, the US fighter planes and attack helicopters won’t be useful as the Russian AA weapons are also quite strong. Russia is capable of shooting satellites out of orbit and thus no aircraft could fly at a high enough altitude to be safe.

Which brings me to another problem the USA would have: Russia would just destroy all satellites that are currently in orbit around the Earth. US Troops are depending heavily on GPS and satellite communication and all of that would be lost when Russia destroys those satellites. And while Russia also uses satellites, they are a lot less dependent of those!

Credit – Frankie Delacroix

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