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Top 5 Most Horror Movies Of the World

THE CONJURING American horror movie The ‘ConJuring’ is based on ghosts and souls. This story belongs to a couple who shift to a farmhouse with their five daughters, but the souls present in that house show their fearsome. CONTRACTED The film is based on ‘Contracted’ ornamental girl, which is raped by giving drugs in one party. After the rape, strange marks on the face of Ajanta poop and hair on the face of Unthatha start to emerge, which makes them look very scary. CURSE OF CHUKKI A toy can be so bad that it can be judged by watching the film ‘Curse of Chakki’. In this film, a doll toy has been shown to be very scary, which is seen to be brutally killing people. DARK TOUCH The film ‘Dark Touch’ has shown the story of young girl Nimah who has the power to carry things away from her mind. EVIL DEAD The movie released in 2013, ‘Evil Dead’ is based on the story of girl named Miya. Characters in this film are seen buried in dense forests facing the demonic forces. MANIAC ‘Maniac’ is based on the story of a psychiatrist who decorates the headpieces of Manicuin, kept in his bedroom by cutting the hair of the girls and skull. STITCHES Horror Comedy Concepts You Can Cope With Many Scenes Of The Stable Movie Based. How the animated clone performs its satanic intentions is based on the story of Stichis. #mosthorrormovies #horrormovies

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