KFC’s Bacon Potato Fritter

The Best Japanese Junk Food

The Best Japanese Junk Food

With regards to Japanese sustenance, we as a rule consider extravagant or customary nourishment; cooking that is saturated with hundreds of years of convention and requires long stretches of preparing keeping in mind the end goal to make it effectively.

And afterward there’s Japanese lousy nourishment.

You may imagine that shoddy nourishment is lousy nourishment, regardless of where it’s made and sold, yet the Japanese do it a little in an unexpected way. Pop, sweet, cheap food and other low quality nourishment probably won’t have been concocted in Japan, however the Japanese have possessed the capacity to put their very own turn on these low-end sustenances.

A ton of these nourishments are just accessible regularly or for the time being so when they’re gone, they’re away for good. Here’s a gathering of probably the most luring, nauseating, strange, and delightful Japanese lousy nourishment.

Fast Food

Japan is an extraordinary place for drive-thru food. Beside Japanese-style road sustenance that is prepared to go in a jiffy, there’s additionally home-developed Japanese cheap food chains (which we’ve expounded on previously) and American chains.

These American chains normally offer nourishment in Japan that you won’t have the capacity to discover anyplace else.

KFC’s Bacon Potato Fritter

KFC’s Bacon Potato Fritter
KFC’s Bacon Potato Fritter

It’s truly astounding that KFC Japan would offer a dish more American than its American partner, yet then you haven’t seen the Bacon Potato Fritter. Brimming with the majority of the heart-halting cholesterol-filled goodness that we Americans hold precious.

Domino’s Prestige Quattro

The Quattro Prestige
The Quattro Prestige

Pizza evaluating is normally a race ot the base — get three medium pizzas for $15! Two vast pizzas for $20! Include another pizza for $5!

In any case, Domino Japan’s Prestige Quattro isn’t modest. Truth be told, the gourmet pizza that has crab, shrimp, and Mangalitsa pork, is $50.

Burger King

After a six year hiatus in Japan, Burger King has returned to the country with a vengeance. It seems like every other week I’m hearing about some new, novelty product from Burger King Japan that’s unavailable anywhere else.

Black Burger


Despite the fact that a dark burger seems as though it was left in the broiler for a really long time, it’s solitary shaded by bamboo charcoal and squid ink. Luckily however, the kind of neither of those are exceptionally unmistakable in the burger, so simply shut your eyes and envision you’re eating a Whopper.

Pumpkin Burger

As we expounded on before, Halloween is rapidly turning into a ludicrously business occasion in Japan. To take advantage of that, Burger King Japan discharged a burger with kabocha pumpkin cuts. Nothing says Halloween like junk food!


Coffee Gum

This year, Suntory’s Boss Coffee celebrated its 20th anniversary by collaborating with various other Japanese companies, including Lotte, who created the unholy abomination that is Boss Special Coffee Gum. I thought gum was supposed to make your breath smell good?


In Japan, it appears as though you can’t walk in excess of a square without passing bunches of candy machines supplied with the absolute most tasty and luscious soft drinks you’ve ever observed. The accessibility of these soft drinks implies that it’s considerably more vital to emerge among the group.


The semantic virtuoso at Suntory who concocted the portmanteau “Espressoda” ought to be given a raise, a corner office, and a reward. Sadly, the drink itself isn’t as virtuoso as the name. Eryk from This Japanese Life looked into it for us and gave us this decision: “The outcome is a sort of an absolutely unsweetened root lager . . . Not terrible, but rather disagreeably befuddling. Would not drink once more.”


Pepsi, more than other western soda pop organizations, truly appears to get the Japanese market. Rather than pushing things like Mountain Dew that do well in the US, Pepsi has adjusted to Japan’s tastes and thinks of occasional and curiosity items.

Salty Watermelon Pepsi

Eryk from This Japanese Life likewise reveiwed this weirdo summer choice from Pepsi for us in a visitor post prior this year. The decision? “[I]t’s a liquified watermelon Jolly Rancher with seltzer . . . Too sweet. Would not drink once more.”

Pepsi Special

Pepsi Special causes you crap.

All things considered, sort of. It’s showcased as a fat-blocking pop yet in all actuality, it’s packed with of dextrin, a dissolvable fiber. The hypothesis is that you won’t put on any weight since the majority of the nourishment you eat essentially goes directly through you. Bon appétit

Pepsi White

The yet-to-be-released Pepsi White is a special winter variation of the cola. It’s white, has snow people on the label, and tastes like mandarin oranges, a seasonal favorite.

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