Most Haunted Places in California

Haunted places in california

Haunted places in california

haunted places in california – At the point when the vast majority consider California, the main thing that strikes a chord is typically daylight, Hollywood and brilliant shorelines! Notwithstanding, The Golden State has a substantially darker side to it also and it is home to probably the most spooky areas in the nation! How about we investigate the main 7 most spooky places in California:


The Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula was worked in 1911 in the early English Tudor style. It is an excellent building, however it could be depicted as having a to some degree appalling past! The historical backdrop of The Glen Tavern Inn is rich and bright, with an extensive measurement of dim and decrepit minutes.

It is an intriguing building once frequented by the stars, which fell on difficult occasions after forbiddance was presented and the third floor turned into a speakeasy, whorehouse, and betting lair. It is this that is probably going to have set off most of the paranormal action announced here.

The Glen Tavern Inn is a standout amongst the most spooky places in California and it is home to various diverse apparitions. A standout amongst the most notable problem areas is Room 307 which is said to be spooky by two apparitions, a cattle rustler known as Calvin and a whore.

Calvin is portrayed as being tall and thin wearing a white shirt and donning long hair and a goatee whiskers. He has been seen strolling through dividers and is frequently caught in photos taken by visitors.


The Pierpont Inn in Ventura, CA has been taking into account its visitors since 1910, and has a couple of insider facts to disclose; a portion of those visitors may in any case be there! This flawless property ideal on a Pacific Ocean feign will have your gathering, wedding or next gathering, as its amazing perspectives will abandon you astounded.

No one knows for beyond any doubt who frequents the motel, just that there are still spirits who meander the lobbies and rooms. Try not to be astounded by the fragrance of roses when you adventure into the bar, or discover your bolted entryway opened for reasons unknown by any stretch of the imagination.


A standout amongst the most spooky places in California isn’t a building, however a stretch of street – Eat 8 Mile Road to be correct. It is said that there is the soul of a witch who shows up out and about. Numerous an overwhelming merchandise vehicle driver has revealed an unnerving lady in a worn out white dress remaining amidst the carriageway!

Legend expresses that in the event that you swing back to investigate the apparition then you will see the soul sitting in your secondary lounge. There are likewise reports of a Native American young lady meandering the street the evening of the full moon and local people say she can be heard shouting in the night. It’s no big surprise paranormal fans cherished the possibility of a spooky excursion along East 8 Mile Road!


The Winchester Mystery House is one property that unquestionably satisfies its name! Development started in 1884 and it never extremely halted until the proprietor, Sarah Winchester passed away on September 5, 1922.

It is trusted that she spent around $5 million on development. Why? All things considered, in light of the fact that Sarah was persuaded that her house was spooky by the majority of the exploited people murdered by a Winchester Rifle and that the best way to calm the spirits was to continue building!

Sarah may well have been right in light of the fact that since the manor was opened up to people in general in 1923 staff and guests alike have announced a few evil spirits in the building.

The Winchester Mystery House is available to the general population in the event that you are keen on visiting.


Los Coches Adobe may very well be one of the alarming spots in California. In the good ‘ol days, Los Coches Adobe was the site of a mine. Be that as it may, one day an awful mischance caused more than 30 diggers to be caught in a crumple. Every one of them lost their lives. A catastrophe like that needs to leave a stain on the specific land, so it is extremely no big surprise this place is spooky!

Local people and guests alike have heard the shouts of caught diggers radiating from an old well on the property and there are likewise various reports of a woman dressed in dark and a male ghost strolling around the grounds. Some even case to have seen the apparition of a man dangling from a tree just on the limit of the property!


There are few structures in this world that are as scandalous as Alcatraz! Jails are frequently a sanctuary for fretful spirits and Alcatraz is the same. Truth be told, this previous high-security jail is most likely much more inclined to be spooky given what the conditions resembled when it was in activity combined with the perilous culprits who were housed inside its dividers.

The whole building is absorbed dread, lament, outrage, agony, and passing – the ideal formula for fretful spirits and significantly darker substances!

The jail resembles a rearing ground for the paranormal. A standout amongst the most dreaded existences on the island is referred to just as ‘The Thing’. This substance is said to have red gleaming eyes and it has been seen by guests today as well as by detainees and staff when Alcatraz was in activity.

Other basic reports detail immaterial voices, crying, shouts, slamming of cell entryways and foul scents which some say show an evil nearness. Guests have encountered being contacted, feeling chilly spots and notwithstanding having passionate upheavals of either misery or outrage.

Some have even said that they experience ghosts who addressed them of maltreatment because of gatekeepers and different detainees!


The Queen Mary Hotel is perceived as not just a standout amongst the most spooky places in California yet in addition as a standout amongst the most spooky inns in the whole world. The previous sea liner is currently forever docked at Long Beach where it fills in as an inn that is exceptionally mainstream with paranormal scientists and others keen on the paranormal.

The ship is inconceivably spooky and we couldn’t start to archive the majority of the bizarre occasions that have happened there in this one brief synopsis. Be that as it may, we can address probably the most well-known hauntings.

The First Class Swimming Pool is said to be spooky by two female spirits who are said to have suffocated there in the 1960s separately. They have both been viewed as specters and visiting mystics have said that they feel a negative nearness originating from the evolving rooms.

There are likewise reports of a woman dressed in white in the Queen’s Salon, a male in 1930s attired in the First Class suites and the hints of youngsters playing close to the storage space. These are the main bunch of the reports of paranormal unsettling influences on board!

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