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Dubai Weather by Month

Dubai Weather in January:

In spite of the fact that January is the coldest month in Dubai, to numerous individuals, it will feel like a warm summer day at home, with temperatures averaging 19°C to 20°C, and now and again as high as 23°C toward the evening. While those originating from an also warm atmosphere will discover it too nippy for swimming at the shoreline, you’ll likely observe numerous individuals from places like Russia or the United Kingdom getting a charge out of a dunk in the ocean. In any case, bring your swimming outfit as most lodging have warmed pools. Summer apparel is for the most part suitable year-round, however ladies should plan to dress all the more unassumingly in the city, and particularly while going into a mosque, where shoulders and knees should be secured. You may need a light sweater for the marginally chillier nights, however you may not require it. Rain is once in a while a worry in January, with the most precipitation descending in the harvest time months, however sometimes nasty climate can hit, particularly amid the second 50% of the month, yet by and large only 10mm falls more than six days. As opposed to an umbrella, you’ll no doubt require shades and sunscreen as the sun sparkles brilliantly for a normal of eight hours every day. (Normal Max Temperature: 23°C. Normal Precipitation: 10mm.)

Dubai Weather in February:

The temperature starts to step by step ascend in February, with the high crawling up to 24°C, however temperatures of 30°C and considerably higher are not unfathomable this month. While precipitation builds a bit to a normal of 40mm more than four days, it’s well on the way to come toward the finish of the month and is probably not going to put a damper on your plans. The ocean temperature remains a charming 21°C, which once more, could conceivably be sufficiently warm for a dip, contingent upon what you’re utilized to, yet bring a swimsuit just in the event that – on the off chance that you don’t utilize it at the shoreline, you’ll presumably utilize it at your inn swimming pool. With regards to other apparel, pack as you would for January and you’ll be all around arranged. (Normal Max Temperature: 24°C. Normal Precipitation: 40mm.)

Dubai Weather in March:

With the landing of spring in March, temperatures recognizably climb. Highs increment three degrees to 27°C this month, and the possibility for rain decreases as well, with only 10mm falling more than six days. Presently you’ll appreciate close impeccable shoreline climate, and with the ocean temperature expanding a degree to 22°C, there’s a superior shot you’ll see it sufficiently agreeable for a dip. Except if you anticipate feasting at a swanky eatery, you could invest your whole energy in shorts and a shirt, or a swimming outfit, however that ought to be put something aside for the shoreline or the pool. The most basic things to bring currently progress toward becoming sunscreen, a wide-overflowed cap and shades, to keep yourself shielded from the singing sun that sparkles nine hours every day. Those days are getting longer now as well, with nightfall toward the finish of March around a hour later than it was on January 1, plunging underneath the skyline a brief time after 6:30pm. (Normal Max Temperature: 24°C. Normal Precipitation: 10mm.)

Dubai Weather in April:

If it didn’t feel like summer as of now, it will now, and an extremely sweltering one at that. This month the temperature ascends to a normal high of 32°C, however temperatures as high as 40°C have been recorded in April. The month just observes a normal of 10mm of precipitation more than two days, which implies precipitation is far-fetched. Dubai’s high temperatures and serious sun that sparkles 10 hours daily can rapidly prompt a sunburn. Sunbathing for extensive stretches is typically not prudent; rather, you’ll have to slather on high SPF sunscreen and wear a wide-overflowed cap on the off chance that you intend to be outside for long. The reasonable, brilliant skies bring glaring light, so solid UV-sifted shades are an absolute necessity, however you might need to get a couple while you’re in Dubai as even the architect brands are generally shabby. With the ocean temperature at an exceptionally agreeable 25°C, this is an extraordinary time for going swimming at the shoreline. (Normal Max Temperature: 32°C. Normal Precipitation: 10mm.)

Dubai Weather in May:

May brings the beginning of the mid year warm, with high temperatures at a sizzling 37°C, and sometimes surpassing 42°C. Lows run from 24°C to 27°C, so it will feel genuinely warm at night as well. The shot for rain this month is extremely thin – actually, it’s genuinely basic not to perceive any mists whatsoever. The sun sparkles strongly for 11 hours, and remains up until soon after 7pm by the end of the month. With regards to pressing, think free, long cloths and cottons that will help ensure the skin while enabling it to inhale, notwithstanding being conscious of the nearby culture and Muslim religion. It might be excessively hot now for a few people, making it impossible to appreciate multi day at the shoreline, however in the event that you go, make sure to drink bunches of water, apply a lot of sunscreen and remain cool by taking normal plunges in the ocean. (Normal Max Temperature: 37°C. Normal Precipitation: under 10mm.)

Dubai Weather in June:

Now in the core of the sweltering season, June brings normal temperatures around 33°C, with the mercury ascending to 38°C, and now and then as high as 43°C evening. Much the same as a month ago, precipitation is exceptionally uncommon in June, and as the ocean temperature is considerably more blazing, at a normal of 31°C, you won’t get much alleviation there either. Hope to invest the greater part of your energy inside – and remember that as inns and shopping centers are normally cooled to the point of solidifying, so you’ll really require a light coat to keep away from a chill. Bring free, long materials and cottons for those short periods you will be outside. As the sun sparkles so seriously, for 12 hours per day, regardless you’ll require sunscreen to stay away from a consume, regardless of whether you aren’t in it that long. In the event that you intend to invest energy at the pool, you’ll need a few shoes or flip-failures to abstain from consuming your feet on the hot tiles. (Normal Max Temperature: 38°C. Normal Precipitation: under 10mm.)

Dubai Weather in July:

July is one of the two most smoking a very long time in Dubai, with the normal high temperature at a sizzling 40°C, and again for all intents and purposes nothing in the method for rain with only a 1% shot of precipitation this month. Indeed, even the ocean feels hot currently, drifting around 32°C. What’s more, as the medium-term low midpoints around 29°C, it’s very warm after nightfall too, which is a brief time after 7pm all through the greater part of July. Pack as you would for June, with a sweater for the cold, aerated and cooled inside; light, free dressing alongside shades and sunscreen for those brief periods you’ll be outside, and also a swimsuit and shoes for the pool. (Normal Max Temperature: 40°C. Normal Precipitation: under 10mm.)

Dubai Weather in August:

August is like July, just it’s much more sweltering, with the normal high now an incredible 41°C. The medium-term low is even hot at 30°C. While investing energy outside is out and out insufferable, in case you’re here amid the late spring, a considerable lot of the inns offer extraordinary arrangements, and some even toss in free dinners at on location eateries. Taking a dip in the ocean won’t enable chill you to, as it’s around 33°C, and heading off to the shoreline is by and large a terrible thought, except if you visit amidst the night. While a visit in August doesn’t sound extremely wonderful, remember that Dubai is set up for the warmth and moves everything inside, so regardless you’ll discover bounty to do. (Normal Max Temperature: 41°C. Normal Precipitation: under 10mm.)

Dubai Weather in September:

Dubai at long last starts to chill off in September, if at any time so somewhat. It will in any case be hot, however the normal high falls three degrees to 38°C, and lows are a more agreeable 27°C by and large. There is still minimal possibility for precipitation, similarly as with July and August, it rains just 1% of the time. As September advances, the day gets shorter, with dusk a brief time following 6pm by the end of the month. Plan for the warmth by pressing as you would for the past two months, as it will even now feel exceptionally hot and sticky, especially amid the early piece of September, making it awkward to be outside for any period of time. Amid the second 50% of the month, individuals do start to rise up out of hibernation and wander outside a bit. (Normal Max Temperature: 38°C. Normal Precipitation: under 10mm.)

Dubai Weather in October:

While October is as yet sweltering, with normal highs of 35°C, you might have the capacity to appreciate in the open air feasting in relative solace, and a side trip to the ocean for a dip presently feels charming with the water temperature cooling a bit to 30°C. Despite everything you’ll need to pack as you would for the late spring, with a lot of light, free cotton or material apparel, a swimming outfit and all out sun assurance. This month, the sun sparkles for 10 hours every day, and there is still little to nothing with regards to precipitation. (Normal Max Temperature: 35°C. Normal Precipitation: under 10mm.)

Dubai Weather in November:

November as a rule brings much-needed help from the warmth, with temperatures averaging around 25°C, and the high tumbling to 31°C, four degrees lower than a month ago. During this season, you may even observe a few mists at last crawling into the quite often splendid blue skies, however precipitation is as yet uncommon, with only 10mm of precipitation descending more than multi day in November. While the group, and convenience rates, start to increment, numerous vibe this is a superb time to be in Dubai. While despite everything you’ll require the greater part of your mid year adapt, alongside a sweater for the aerated and cooled inside, you’ll have the capacity to invest significantly more energy outside than you would amid the sweltering summer months, including charming evenings at the shoreline. (Normal Max Temperature: 31°C. Normal Precipitation: 10mm.)

Dubai Weather in December:

December additionally brings dazzling climate. Temperatures keep on decreasing, averaging a wonderful 21°C, with highs an agreeable 26°C. While precipitation increments to 20mm more than four days, it’s still very low, with most descending toward the finish of the month. As low temperatures are in the upper adolescents, you will require a light sweater as well as since a long time ago sleeved shirts for cooler nighttimes. The climate offers the ideal setting for shorelines and outside diversion, yet with ocean temperatures currently plunging to 23°C, the water might be too cold for a plunge for a few. As December brings eight long periods of daylight, you won’t have any desire to overlook the shades, despite the fact that it’s currently the center of winter. (Normal Max Temperature: 26°C. Normal Precipitation: 20mm.)


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