Places to visit Suriname

7 Places To Visit In Suriname

7 Places To Visit In Suriname

The best places to visit in Suriname before you die might not be immediately obvious, but this country certainly has a lot to offer to any traveller to the South American region. It is bordered by French Guiana, Guyana, and Brazil, and offers coast to the north and rainforest to the south. There is everything in this small country for the nature lover; including a UNESCO World Heritage site! If nature is not your thing then the cities are sure to leave you breathless with their modern charm.

With a recent history of political upset, Suriname might seem like a place you’d want to avoid; but rest assured, of recent Suriname has had an excellent political record and even enjoys a higher than average standard of living. The climate is warm and agreeable, and you’ll be sure to pick up a tan in the tropical weather. Suriname’s tourism industry is surprisingly underdeveloped for such a beautiful country, so travelling to Suriname can be cheap as well as enjoyable. Be careful, though, of people who may wish to exploit the ignorant traveller and take more than their fair share of your hard-earned cash. Check travel reports, the news and local weather reports before you travel to make sure there is not anything that could affect your travels to Suriname.

If rainforests and biodiversity appeal, check out the best places to visit in Ecuador before you die . Before that though, stick around for the top 7 best places to visit in Suriname before you die!

7. Central Suriname Nature Reserve

Designated a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its rich biodiversity, the Central Suriname Nature Reserve is 16 thousand square kilometres of rich biodiversity. If the amazing range of flora and fauna isn’t enough to impress you, then the granite domes surely will be; giant monoliths rising high above the rainforest.

6. Tafelberg

Part of the Tafelberg Nature Reserve, Tafelberg is a mesa mountain and one of the highest in Suriname. It features a flat ‘table top’ (from which we get the phrase Tafelberg), rising high above the surrounding rainforest. Beautiful and breathtaking, this is a must for nature lovers and climbers alike.

5. Julianatop

Julianatop is the highest mountain in Suriname. Rising from the surrounding rainforest, it is perfect for advanced climbers and can be admired from the bottom and from other nearby hills and mountainous regions.

4. Brownsberg Nature Park

Featuring camping in the forests for those of you feeling adventurous, this nature park is a perfect location for hunting out local plants and wildlife. It’s a rocky road up through the forest but completely worth the trouble. You can book with a tour-guide or stay close to the paths and explore by yourself.

3. Paramaribo

Located on the banks of the Suriname river, Paramaribo is the capital, and the largest, city in Suriname. The inner historic city of Paramaribo is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The weather is tropical, with no annual dry season, so be sure to pack an umbrella! There are plenty of monuments to visit if you’re feeling cultured, or beautiful skylines to look at and restaurants to visit in the evening.

2. Brokopondo Reservoir

Flooding nearly 1 percent of the country, the Brokopondo Reservoir is one of the largest in the world. It has provided a much-needed boost to the aluminum industry, as well as providing fishing opportunities. A man-made beauty, the Brokopondo Reservoir is a tourist destination in itself.

And, the best place to visit in Suriname before you die is: Coppename River

This river is as huge as it is beautiful, cutting through the rainforests of Suriname and passing through most of its major mountainous regions. It joins the Saramacca River and flows into the Atlantic, another beautiful point on this river’s journey. The most notable bridge is the Bailey Bridge, and is a great place to view the river from.

This list of the best places to visit in Suriname before you die is a nature-lover’s paradise, and we’ve covered everything from rivers to mountains and everything in between. If the beautiful rainforests and awe-inspiring mountains don’t tick your boxes, there’s cities and towns and the like to explore as well; including the capital, which has so much to offer it could make a vacation by itself. If you remember to use your common sense when traveling, and check weather and news reports before you travel, then there is no reason why your trip to Suriname shouldn’t be as safe as it is wondrous.

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